Unite-CPHVA Annual Professional Conference


The Unite-CPHVA Annual Professional Conference will boast a lively two-day exhibition in which suppliers will showcase their latest products and services. 2018 sponsors and exhibitors will be announced shortly.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or exhibitor, or would like a copy of our sponsorship pack please contact a member of our team.

Email: sponsorship@cphvaconference.co.uk

Phone: 020 7880 6244



Alcoholics Anonymous has more than 4,400 groups across the country, designed to help those with alcohol problems learn how to stay sober. Groups are made up of people from all walks of life and all age groups. Membership of Alcoholics Anonymous is free and anonymity is carefully preserved.

Boingboing is a Community Interest Company dedicated to working together as staff, volunteers and friends from all walks of life to beat the odds and change the odds through resilience research and practice. Our approach has been adopted and embedded across a wide range of contexts in Britain and globally, including schools, social work, public health sectors, NHS and local authorities. Most excitingly, Blackpool’s ‘Resilience Revolution’ is galvanizing the whole town. Boingboing was set up in 2010 and has grown into a community of practitioners, families, academics and volunteers led by Professor Angie Hart. We work in tandem with the Centre of Resilience for Social Justice at the University of Brighton. We run Resilience Forums, develop Resilience Frameworks, books, training tools and other materials, and offer training, workshops and talks on resilient approaches to life’s challenges. We aim to be inclusive and we provide many free resources on our website.

Childhood Tumour Trust is a small charity that supports children, young people and their families affected by Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1). We are passionate about bringing families and children together so that they are not isolated and to know that they are not on their own. We do this via days out and special camps for the children – in the UK and in the USA. We have a campaign to help diagnose NF1 early – by documenting Cafe au Lait (coffee coloured) marks in the ‘Red Book. 6 or more marks is a strong indicator that a child will have the condition. We have produced a Body Map to document any birth marks which should will help with earlier diagnosis of NF1, other conditions with ‘birth’ marks, Mongolian Blue Spot and help with safeguarding. We hope to have these as standard in every red book – paper and e version. We are also aiming to raise the profile and improve awareness of the condition with medics as for a condition that is more prevalent than Cystic Fibrosis, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and Huntingtons Disease combined so few know much about it. Benign tumours are often played down but their impact can be just as devestating as malignant tumours and we feel that many of those with NF1 are often not given the care they should be having. – To aid this we have also produced an insert on NF1 for the ‘Red’ Book. – available directly from us.

The CPHVA Education and Development Trust makes annual Bursary awards currently totalling £20,000 to UNITE/ CPHVA members in the following categories:

– A project undertaken in Practice to facilitate the health and well being of individuals, groups or communities.

– Engagement in professional or academic study activities aimed at enhancing the applicant’s practice.

– A research project focussed on the enhancement of practice in the community setting.

Dendron is a marketing, sales and distribution company that develops OTC healthcare, toiletries and beauty brands for sale through all trade channels.

The Dendron owned Dentinox & Snufflebabe brands are well known, trusted and loved. Specialising in tackling several minor baby ailments.

Snufflebabe offers a 5 strong product range of treatment solutions to tackle baby congestion which can affect babies breathing, feeding and sleeping. Many solutions can be used from birth with our vapour rub product suitable for use from 3 months.

Dentinox specialises in providing relief from minor baby ailments including teething, colic and cradle cap. The product range of licensed medicines have been providing relief for babies and parents for over 50 years. These effective solutions are all suitable to use from birth.

Dorset Parent Infant Partnership (DorPIP) works with parents and babies from conception to age 2 where there are identified risks to the care giving relationship. We focus on the emerging relationship as it develops in the first 1001 critical days of life. DorPIP helps parents and primary carers to bond and attune with their baby through Parent Infant Psychotherapy and Infant Massage to give them the best possible start in life. Families are referred to us by Health Visitors, Midwives, Family Outreach workers, GP’s and parents also self-refer. We offer health and social care professionals training to identify the many known risk factors so that they can offer early help, preventing harm. DorPIP aims to help end cycles of adverse childhood experiences to enable parents and their babies to reach their full potential. As a registered charity we rely on donations to provide this much needed, highly valued service.

ERIC (The Children’s Bowel & Bladder Charity)
Website: www.eric.org.uk
Twitter: @eric_uk

A national charity dedicated to the bladder and bowel health of children and teenagers, ERIC provides information and resources for children, families and professionals via its website www.eric.org.uk and Helpline. We deliver a programme of acclaimed training seminars for professionals covering healthy bladders and bowels, complex bladders and bowels, night-time wetting and toilet training, including additional needs. We also promote early intervention by working with families, nurseries and early years practitioners to help children to achieve independence in using the toilet.

Harlow Printing limited are the national supplier of the Personal Child health Record and the only supplier of Paediatric growth Charts in the UK. We are exhibiting our range of FNP products and also showing demonstrations of electronic Growth Charts. Please come along and say hello and get a free Head Circumference tape (lasso).

The Health Professional Academy provides relevant and interesting CPD modules for health professionals involved in postnatal and paediatric care.

We’ve carefully selected leading academics to review each module, so you can be confident that what you’re learning is reliable, referenced and recent.

The Health Professional Academy is brought to you by Lifecycle Marketing, the publishers of Emma’s Diary and parenting website, Families. We’ve been a trusted partner in healthcare education for more than 26 years, working alongside professional health bodies and Royal Colleges.

Website: www.hoop.co.uk
Twitter: @hoop

Hoop is a free app that connects families to all the kids activities happening in their community. Hoop lists all the kids activities happening at community centres and libraries; as well as activities run by community organisers and national institutions. In total there are over 100,000 activities on Hoop and 1 in 5 are free to attend! The app is available for iPhone and Android and since launch has been downloaded over 900,000 times. A recent user survey found that 91% of Hoop users do more activities out of the home with their children and 27% of the respondents said they had made new parent friends thanks to the app too. This is the first year Hoop has attended CPHVA Conference. We’re excited to speak to delegates about how the app can help connect families with their community.

JOHNSON’S®, the #1 Global Baby Toiletries Brand*, has been pioneering the science in baby skin care for more than 125 years. Over recent years, Johnson & Johnson has helped advance 90% of all publications and peer-reviewed scientific literature on baby’s skin globally. This research is responsible for breakthrough discoveries that help us to create specialised products designed to be gentle on babies’ skin and eyes. *Source: Euromonitor International Ltd, Beauty and Personal Care 2017 ed; as per Baby and Child-specific Toiletries category, all retail channels, value sales at rsp, 2016 data

Healthy Together is the name for the 0-19 Healthy Child Programme of public health services (largely health visiting and school nursing services) provided by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust. Healthy Together is an integrated service, including a comprehensive digital package, which supports families to ensure that their children grow up to be healthy, safe and able to achieve their potential. A key objective of this service is to respond early to the emerging needs of children, young people and families, building resilience an reducing the need for more costly interventions. Healthy Together also focuses on reducing harm and protecting and safeguarding children and young people.

Metabolic Support UK is the leading patient organisation for Inherited Metabolic Disorders, supporting thousands of families worldwide. Its mission: to be the world’s leading advocate and provider of bespoke support to families, signpost to the best experts, raise awareness amongst the medical, healthcare, social care and teaching professions and fund research for treatments and ultimately cures. Metabolic Support UK’s work and reputation in delivering these objectives has spread from the UK to Europe and beyond. It is part of a worldwide collaborative network of groups and organisations, ensuring it is at the forefront of developments such as newborn screening and treatments. Metabolic Support UK continues to be committed to it’s vision of raising awareness and providing bespoke support to improve the lives of those affected by Inherited Metabolic Disorders.

The NSPCC works to protect children and prevent abuse, focusing on: the prevention of abuse in families facing multiple adversities; the prevention of child sexual abuse; helping children speak out and adults to take action on abuse; helping children who have experienced abuse get back on track; and ensuring that children are safe form online abuse. We work with families directly through our local services, run the NSPCC Helpline and Childline, and provide training/support to those working with children. We campaign to change policy, contribute to public debate, and raise awareness. Visit our stand to hear about the latest developments in our work including Baby Steps, an evidence-based perinatal education programme; our PANTS campaign; and our forthcoming Building Bonds campaign, seeking to promote bonds and attachments between parents and their babies.

We are the independent regulator for nurses and midwives in the UK. Our role is to protect patients and the public through efficient and effective regulation. Our core regulatory functions are maintaining a register of those eligible to practise as nurses, midwives and nursing associates in the UK, setting standards to join and remain on the register, and acting when there are concerns about the conduct or practice of a nurse or midwife. These functions must be carried out to a consistently high standard to command public confidence, and demonstrate fairness, transparency, timeliness and accuracy.

Immunisation is the single most effective way to protect children, teenagers and adults against infectious diseases. Public Health England publishes an extensive range of materials on immunisation, for individuals, parents and health professionals. We are proud to announce that we have introduced the 6 in 1 hexavalent vaccination last year. This year we are focusing on shingles all year round! and making sure everyone is up to date on their routine vaccinations. We are delighted to be part of CPHVA and recognise the important role health visitors play and how powerful there are as advocates of vaccination. Come and visit our stand today and say hello and find out what’s new in immunisation!

The Children’s Sleep Charity offers accredited training to professionals across the country. They run a 3 day Sleep Practitioner course as well as specialist training around supporting families of children with Autism and ADHD. The charity is involved in a number of research projects. They recently worked with Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Sheffield City Council on a project funded by the Health Foundation that used a behavioural approach to sleep for vulnerable children. Findings showed that on average the children gained an additional 2.4 hours sleep per night. A national conference to share these findings takes place in Birmingham in March. The charity offers support to families in areas where they are funded with the service having a success rate of over 90%. A manifesto was launched last year by the team to highlight the importance of sleep for wellbeing and raise the profile of sleep nationally www.thechildrenssleepcharity.org.uk


VSO is the world’s leading international development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty. Working in 24 countries around the globe, our unique role in international development is to place committed volunteers with carefully selected organisations where their skills can have the greatest impact. By sharing unique skills and experience volunteers help generate new ideas and new ways of doing things, helping the communities they work in lift themselves out of poverty. We’re not about delivering quick fixes, but instead, we focus on long-lasting, sustainable change, that will impact generations to come.