Unite-CPHVA Annual Professional Conference

The Team

Janet Taylor 

Chair – CPHVA Executive

Asha Day

East Midlands & Vice Chair

Sarah Reddington-Bowes

South West & Vice Chair

Annette Holliday  


Claire Elwell 

North East, Yorkshire & Humberside

Neil Barham  

West Midlands

Tracy Young

South East

Susan Black  

North West

Louise Hales


Elaine Baptiste

London & Eastern

Sujata Mahendran 

London & Eastern

Michelle Moseley   


Stella Mann

Community Nursery Nursing

Victoria Button

School Nursing

Maggie Coates

CPHVA Education


Len McCluskey

General Secretary

Gail Cartmail

Assistant General Secretary

Sarah Carpenter

National Officer and Lead Officer for Nursing, Health Sector, Unite

Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe

National Officer Health  & Community, Youth & Play workers

Shaun Noble

Communications Officer

Obi Amadi

Lead Professional Officer, London & Eastern and Strategy, Policy & Equalities

Jane Beach

Lead Professional Officer, Regulation, East Midlands

Gavin Fergie

Lead Professional Officer, Scotland, Wales & Commercial Development

Dave Munday

Lead Professional Officer, Mental Health, North West, North East, Yorks & Humber

Ethel Rodrigues

Lead Professional Officer, Education, South East, South West & Ireland

Irene Fynch

Administrative Support Team

Amanda Cass

Administrative Support Team

Leona Sanders

Administrative Support Team

Emma Godfrey-Edwards

Managing Editor

Aviva Attias


Hollie Ewers

Assistant Editor